About Rugs

Home decor plays an important role in regards to how people feel about where they live. Your home should not only provide you with a place to return to at the end of each day, it should also give you a unique environment that enhances your comfort.  The comfort of your family and guests is determined by the different aspects of home decor that you incorporate.
Rugs make us feel good in so many ways – by making our feet happy as we move around the house and by adding a warm finishing touch that can be playful or sophisticated, modern or traditional. 
Area rugs also add function: They are an acoustical damper, keeping noise down from heavy footsteps and children playing. They also work to square off functional areas of a room; for example, the conversational area of a room and the dining area. 

When selecting a rug, take into account the floor under the rug, too. For example, add soft wool to hard wood, smooth silk to rough stone, or thick shag to flat tile. 
Consider the many choices of color, style, price and material when you select a rug, such as: 
– Solid colors
– Abstract patterns
– Faux animal prints
– Ethnic looks
– Historic Oriental rug designs
– Traditional wool or silk
– Practical cotton or blends
– Avantgarde designs and materials
– Shaggy synthetic fibers

Step on it this season and add a new rug! It will add luxury and depth to your room. 


It is difficult to classify carpets or rugs according to the weaver’s skill set as different types of weaves have brought about a revolution in the tapestry industry. With the availability of various fibers, designs and patterns are made such that suit to the weaver’s expertise.

If classified by the weaving techniques, the following are the types of carpets woven:

This technique was brought by Mughals. This carpet has a rich appeal since many craftsmen were supported by ruling class. Initially the patterns were Turkish and Persian but later got ndianised. The techniques and patterns were to a large extent adapted by the Kashmiri art.


In this technique, the carpets have their pile injected a backing material with the help of tufting gun, which is itself bonded to a secondary backing cloth with the use of latex solution to provide stability. Then third backing cloth is used with and finishing is carried out. The tufted carpet can be produced either with loop pile or cut pile


It is a broad category which includes hand knotted carpets as well as flat weave carpets. Knotted carpets include the traditional Persian carpets. The quality of hand woven carpets can be judge by tightness of the weaves and density of the knots.